Saturday, September 9, 2017


Tyson came to Mesa to attend a funeral with me on Saturday.
I had been there with the girls the previous few days attending a different funeral for an old- but dear friend.
We had planned on going to Cancun for labor day week- but due to terrorist attacks... we cancelled the trip.
Since we were close to the airpot and had a few flight miles to use.. we decided Seattle.
I ran to Target to get a few things.
We booked a hotel literally 10 min before going to the airport.
Booked our rental once we got off the plane.
And had ourselves the best time.

The girls did great on the flight.
We played at the beach, went to the children's museum, pike's place, went on the ferris wheel, ate the best food (Duke's was my favorite), wished we could have eaten at hotcakes (heard it good), rowed in a boat at Lake union, played on every play ground, and went to church.
We only had 3 days there.. and wished we could have done 1 more! Left us wanting more- another trip back for sure.
Seattle reminded me of San Fransico. Fun city with lots to do and great food everywhere.

Tyson wanted to eat at a nicer restaurant the last night. We took the kids of course and oh my... first Scarlett spilt her drink on Ellie (which drenched her), then Scarlett fell off her high chair onto the floor. Once Tyson calmed me down- we both looked at each other from across the table and smiled. Thinking "did all that really just happen." Those moments of pure chaos- become some of the best.

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