Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Today ellie snapped all the pictures above. All by herself.
Today- went to a dr's apt.
Kyanne came and watched the girls.
So nice being here with family and having help.
Makes me want to move back to the valley.
I read more of the Boys in the Boat.
Jodi came over with her kids to swim- my girls joined them.
Held Henry on my lap and made him giggle. He is honestly- the best.
I think I say that about all my babies.
Babies are the best.
Scarlett pooped in the pool twice today.
So much poop with that girl.
The girls had a hard time going to sleep.
My parents went in and told them stories.
They are the best.
I am starting to really miss ty.
So heading home tomorrow morning.
I pretty much missed all the meetings and orientations this week.
Ellie starts preschool next week.
I am nervous for her.
We don't know a soul in her class.
But I know she will be braver than her mom.
She is ready for some socializing.
And I think a little one on one with Scarlett will be good.
Life moves quick.
Trying to make the most of it.

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