Wednesday, June 28, 2017


and we are back. almost a year later.

scarlett woke up at 4:30 am.
never went back to sleep.
i turned on trolls.
her favorite movie at 7 am.
she zombied out the rest of the morning.
they watched another show after.
way too much tv lately. 
whats a momma to do in the summer time?

girls jumped off bed frame in the morning.
and again before bed.
usually ends with one of them getting hurt.
but they love it.
so i keep letting them live their dream.

henry was a dream like always.
slept and ate.
getting so big.

michael's to purchase crafts and a couple cans of spray paint.
scarlett ran around the store laughing and giggling. 
she is all play.
going to attempt to paint the play kitchen tomorrow.

parked in handicapped 
because scarlett runs into the street while i get henry out.
a police officer came to get food.
luckily no ticket.

they spent a good hour playing in the hose naked.
amazing that our backyard is so tiny- but they don't seem to notice or mind.

8:51 pm.
tyson is still working.
it has been busy.
i have a full sink of dishes i better get to.

hate starting the morning with dishes not cleaned.

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