Thursday, August 11, 2016

last weekend

last weekend.
my sister tried talking me into california.
i didn't want to make the drive so suggested a stay cation.
we both booked the hotel.
or so she thought.
the night before she realized her reservation didn't go through.
called the hotel and the rooms were all booked.
so we each did our own staycation. at two different hotels.
nonetheless- had a grand time.
friday night. holding scarlett outside. next to the pool. on the couch. while watching ellie and tyson in the water. on the raft.-was a dream!
we ate yummy food. the girls went to bed way later than normal. but did great the next few days!
then monday came.
i was tired.
ellie was whiney.
makes for a bad combo.

we stayed at the fairmont princess. i told ellie there were no princesses. i was totally wrong. she got gold the first day from the little mermaid's treasure box and pixie duet from tinkerbell.
after tinkerbell put some fairy dust in ellie's hand. she kept it closed shut for the next 4 hours. even while she napped. loved it!

staycations are our favorite. the mr doesn't stress about not being at work.
and we get to relax and swim our hearts out.

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