Friday, July 15, 2016


we pulled weeds.
while ellie filled her bucket of rocks.
i asked her to dump the bucket in the trash.
when we were leaving town this afternoon-
i noticed she dumped the rocks on the sidewalk.
we made some thank you notes.
with glitter.
i really love using glitter.
even more than ellie.
my house hates it.
it is still worth it.
we dropped by some cookies and notes for ellis's friends.
we were both still in our pjs
around noon-
we finally dressed ourselves.
our neighbor linda came over and visited.
we really did score with the best neighbors.
they take such good care of us.
we packed.
cleaned house.
did visiting teaching.
took our fish zoe to our neighbors.
to watch while we are gone.
ellie ate her meals in the high chair.
scarlett didn't want to take a second nap.
they both fell asleep on the way to my parent's house.
crew and ellie swam till 9 pm tonight.
i killed two scorpions while they were swimming.
i call myself the scorpion killer.
they scare the heck out of me.
and i feel they are everywhere lately.
tyson got home from work.
we ate popcorn.
and skinny cows.
watched insurgent.
now i am one tired momma.
excited for the next few days.
we planned on going to cali next week with friends.
but i think we are now just going to hang out here for a bit.
i don't really feel like making the drive.
and i definitely don't feel like camping with a baby.
but maybe we will pull a last min trip.
we shall see....

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