Saturday, July 23, 2016

thursday. friday. and a little of today

snuck away with your dad to dinner. flancers. love their fries. asked your dad that morning to avoid sugar with me. but that night i caved. their pazookie was too good to pass up. i am totally weak. your dad even said so with a smile on his face. i just love a treat too much.

saturday: gilbert temple. with the huggans fam. sierra watched you girls. she took you swimming.
while scarlett was sleeping in her carseat- i seized the opportunity to head back to surprise. 

home sweet home. we went to mesa last friday night- and honestly had the best time with family.
gramsy- makes us feel so comfortable staying at her house.
i love visits to mesa- but surprise still feels like home.
your dad took you ellie to see the secret life of pets while i did laundry. 
he texted me..." everytime we come back... this just feels like home."

and so it does! grateful to be here.. but mostly for the friends we have made here.
perfect place to raise our girls.

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