Thursday, July 21, 2016

the last few days.

well. we came to mesa last friday. thinking we would stay a few days. then head to cali. to beach camp with some friends. but then i got freaked out to camp with a baby. so we cancelled the cali trip and decided to stay at the parents. till they kick us out. we kept staying "just one more day". and we are still here. we love hanging out with family. and a pool in the back yard. 
the past few days we have... gone to Krazy Air with crew and elles,  got to see where mimi teaches school, ellie took a nap with sierra, met the huggans at sauce (ran into a few high school friends- who i love dearly), mesa temple visitor's center, grandpa's store, hair do to get the locks chopped, swimming every single night. one of these days we will go home. but for now. we are soaking up the last of summer and late nights.

scarlett- whenever i lay on the ground you quickly crawl over to me and will suck on my face. makes me laugh and smile and love you a million times over.

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