Monday, May 9, 2016

mother's day

mother's day:
my family came to surprise
to eat fish tacos
and chocolate crepes filled with fruit

i told my mom i would make her dinner.
but i am pretty sure she made most of it
while i fed scarlett and baked the fish.

my mom;
is selfless.
puts her kids above her own needs and wants.
i remember growing up
my mom wore the same jean shirt
a lot.
when i was younger i thought she really liked that jean shirt.
but now that i am older
i realize she made material sacrifices
so that her children could have things that were important to her
those included:
all five kids getting braces
and all her children in extracurricular activities-were they could excel.
i always had a private coach that taught me how to run the hurdles better and more effective.
i was always in club volleyball and club swim
i loved sports.
didn't realize the cost of those activities ever
i wish i kept that jean shirt my mom wore on a regular basis.
because it really does represent my mom.
putting the joys and successes of her children
above things i am sure she really desired and wanted.

my mom:
builds me up.
doesn't make me feel like a bad mom when i call her crying because i lost my patience.
just tells me to do it differently the next time
and move on.
answers my phone call every day
even when i am sure she doesn't have the time to talk in length about her day.

my mom:
makes sure my children are dressed in cute clothes and dresses.

my mom:
came out every single day
after we lost truly.
that drive is not the most fun.
but she knew i needed her here.
so she came.

my mom:
has traits i hope to develop.

my mom:
is kind.
put together.
a great listener.
a great question asker.
filled with the spirit.
has a testimony.
works in the temple.
loves her savior.
prays with real intent.
has set an example that i want to emulate.
loves my dad.
keeps her covenants.
and for that.... i am the most grateful.

swim lessons on a saturday

the weeks can be pretty busy.
sometimes not spending much family time together during the week.
so we try to keep saturdays for outings, hikes, and being together.
last saturday-
we all went to peoria
to cheer on the elles bells
learning how to swim.
always includes a pink frosted donut on the way home.
we also managed to go through the in-n-out drive thru.

a letter from vivi

on the way home from the gym we picked up the mail.
we had a lot of it.
sometimes i will go a while before remembering to go the mail box.
this day-
ellie had a letter addressed to her from her bf vivi.
she sat in my lap reading the mail when she found it.
i hope she remembers that it really is the little things in life-
that we do for others-
that makes all the difference.

thanks vivi.
for making ellie's day!

Monday, May 2, 2016

a few pics of the past few weeks

scarlett had her 6 month check up and shots.
dropped down to 50% weight and still at 100% height.
you go girl!

earth day:
we got invited with some friends to pick up trash.
ellie actually liked it.
now when we see trash along the side of the road-
she always informs me

swim lessons:
today we started swim lessons
ellie cried most of the time.
except the last time in the water-
she braved up and just did it.

dentist visit:
two weeks ago ellie went to the dentist for the first time.
we watched a video about elsa getting her teeth cleaned
and that must have done the trick
because she opened right up and let them take xrays and polish those lovely things

temple cleaning:
last weekend the mr and i went to clean the temple.
we arrived an hour early 8pm
did temple sealings.
then dressed in white scrubs to clean away.
had a blast doing it with the mr.
it was midnight by the time we got done.
we headed straight to in-n-out.
i ate an entire thing of fries, chocolate shake and burger.
i think we went home and watched a movie-
felt like we were young again!

the girls:
i come in and find the girls playing.
they are several years apart.
but have been patiently waiting to be together on earth.
ellie loves her sister
and no one makes scarlett laugh better than ellie

Friday, April 29, 2016

every morning

every single morning
after i feed scarlett
i give her a bath

mom life= the best life

Cardinals Stadium

we met my momma at the cardinals stadium.
draft pick party.
ate hot dogs.
ellie got some arm painting.
ate carmel corn as we watched the draft.
i am totally clueless about football- it made me wish i knew a thing or two.
my mom's co-worker is a cardinals cheerleader.
she wanted to go support.
glad we did!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

This past week.

this past week:
scarlett turned 6 months old
ellie started doing daily chores (emptying silverware and vacuuming)
for now- she thinks it is great and fun.
i am sure in a few days- she will change her mind.
went swimming every day.
tyson stopped driving for work.
had the yw over for mutual and taught them how to minimize.