Friday, August 14, 2015

Cerreta's Candy Tour

This morning we took the girlies to Glendale to tour the famous candy factory.
The first five minutes were awesome. 
Seeing how the chocolate covered pretzels were made by hand from the original owner Mr Cerreta himself.
Getting a white chocolate covered marshmallow was another perk.
But the next 20 minutes of hearing stats on chocolate- were a little bit of a bust.

I still love-
getting out- and exploring.
These days- it is still bloody hot out-
So we stick to buildings that have AC units attached.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pine, AZ

Last weekend...
we decided to take one last vacation before starting into a real routine and schedule.
My grandma's cabin is perfect if you want your every need met.
She cooks for you.
Serves you.
Makes a million desserts for you.
And expects you to play cards til midnight.
I need to take this trip to the mountains more often.

It is weird how we are doing the same exact things as we did last year-
right before we lost our Truly girl.
I remember going to crazy air the Friday before we lost her.
Which we did last week.
And I remember going to the cabin the weekend before we lost her.
So many memories are coming back from last year.
I have relived those days a million times over.
Now in a much healthier state of mind.

We will celebrate Truly's one year-
in a week!

Time goes quickly.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cabin Trip to Show low. July 16th-19th.

Two weekends ago-
Ty's parents rented a cabin up in Showlow for the week.
Elles and I drove up Thursday.
The mr drove up Friday night after work.
We ate good.
Played volleyball.
Took naps.
Went on walks.
And watched Ellie get excited about building fires.
It was a nice change of scenery from the Cali trip we normally do.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Utah Trip: July 7th

The last day in Utah we:
went to the neighbors petting zoo.
ellie liked the kitty.
which we realized she is allergic too.
drove up the provo river hoping to rent tubes.
ellie was too young.
next year- we are bringing our own raft.
instead- opted for provo rec center.
which ended up being awesome.
for dinner-
we went to the Pizza Factory.
Not even ordering pizza.
Just salads and breadsticks.
Drove up to Y mountain. Walked around- checked out the view from the top.
Ate ice cream at the creamery.

I loved this family trip of ours.
Stayed within our planned budget.
Kept it simple.
Spent our days outside.
Able to stay with the best host- Cindy Taylor.
She taught me how to be a better host-
when guests come to stay.
The Mr and I were able to sneak away for an evening.
Loved the drive up to Utah.
The drive home- was a total disaster.
But that is the great things about vacations-
you remember the good.
and laugh about the bad. (once you have recovered).

Til next year- 
Snedigar Reunion at Bear Lake! 2016.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Slide Rock

We took the Young Women to Slide Rock in Sedona.
I remember going with my family when I was young and being the only ones there.
It has changed.
Lots of people gravitate to this place-
at this time of year.
It was crowded.
That didn't stop the girls from having a blast.
I hate not being able to participate with them-
but since the rocks are slippery...
and I am nestling a little one-
I watched them all morning as they laughed,
helped each other over slippery rocks...
and was ever so grateful for the friendships they have and continue to form with each other.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Utah Trip July 5th-6th.

July 5th.
Bubbles outside.
Celebrated Cindy's Birthday with the yummiest coconut cake I have ever tasted.
And can't wait to make again.
Elles played with Zoe.
Tyson watched the US women's team win the world cup.

July 6th.
Jamba Juice.
Chocolate covered pretzels.
Read books.
Tyson made some work calls.
Ellie tackled bears larger than her.

Bridal Veil Falls.
Played in the freeeeezing cold water.
Ty blasted Ellie's squirt gun at me.
Lounged at the park.
Eating more peanut butter and honey sandwiches.
Ty tried desperately to have ellie eat the sandwhich.
By putting loads of honey.
She ended up just licking the honey on the bread.

That evening we went to Thanksgiving Point.
Got some cupcakes.
Ate dinner with Tyson's good high school buddy.
They have a girl Ellie's age named Blakely.
That is what Ty wants to name our next daughter.

Utah... still dreaming about you.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Utah Trip- 4th of July

July 4th.
Our view coming outside every morning.
I would not mind this front yard. Forever.
The fourth- elles woke up sick again. Still hot, still tired, still not a happy camper.
We did our best to make it through the breakfast-
which was right outside under the trees.
Yummy dutch oven eggs and potatoes.

So wished elles would having been feeling better for the candy cannon.
This thing is awesome.
It comes out at each Phelps reunion that is held in Utah.
Shoots off candy high into the air-
while the kids run after it in all directions.

After her nap-
she felt so much better.
Drove to Park City.
Rode the Alpine Slide.
Walked around.
Ate some french fries.
We love Park City!
Went to The monks home-
to have a bbq.
Elles started feeling not so good again.
After an hour of switching off between Ty and myself-
and after eating the best hot dog of my life-
I see Ty in the corner of my eye (as I was visiting)...
heading out the front door to the car.
He was done.
And so was she.
We told them we would have to catch the fireworks next year with them.
Their community up there is pretty awesome.
They have their own firework show on a beautiful lake.
With nice people to escort you in golf courses.
It really is something else.
On the drive back we were a little bummed.
Arrived back in Orem...
put the ellie girl to sleep...
and watched the fireworks shoot off in every single direction.
Even the next door neighbors gave us an awesome show.
Snuggled up to the mr and watched a movie-
not a bad ending to our 4th of July.

I am telling you-
something about Utah in the summertime...
and being with my family...
made for me want to do this trip every single summer-
except for about three weeks longer.