Thursday, July 21, 2016

the last few days.

well. we came to mesa last friday. thinking we would stay a few days. then head to cali. to beach camp with some friends. but then i got freaked out to camp with a baby. so we cancelled the cali trip and decided to stay at the parents. till they kick us out. we kept staying "just one more day". and we are still here. we love hanging out with family. and a pool in the back yard. 
the past few days we have... gone to Krazy Air with crew and elles,  got to see where mimi teaches school, ellie took a nap with sierra, met the huggans at sauce (ran into a few high school friends- who i love dearly), mesa temple visitor's center, grandpa's store, hair do to get the locks chopped, swimming every single night. one of these days we will go home. but for now. we are soaking up the last of summer and late nights.

scarlett- whenever i lay on the ground you quickly crawl over to me and will suck on my face. makes me laugh and smile and love you a million times over.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


yesterday: went to the gym before the girlies awoke. took them to sprouts after breakfast. sported the birks with socks. my friends they can spot me without even looking up when they see birkenstocks with socks. i want to be buried in them. it truly is the most comfy combo. took the girlies swimming at a fun neighborhood pool. ellie was in heaven going down the slide and jumping off the rocks. makes a momma happy seeing her girls happy. the goodman kids hung out all day. my girls napped while we watched "once i was a beehive." mesa high school pool for the phelps family epic pool party. visited with the cousins. (love, love, love the phelps family)got thundered out. or so we thought. we left to go swimming somewhere else- when they texted that they were letting people swim. swam in the rain till 9 pm. as tyson exclaimed happily yesterday night, "rainy, summer, swim nights are awesome!" i agree.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


today: ellie's nursery teacher thought her name was "louie." so all her handouts said "louie." made me laugh. my whole family took a three hour nap. i mostly indexed, planned out the week, and designed out our living room furniture. dinner with the huggans family. so good seeing sam. tyson took ellie over to play with crew while i put scarlett to sleep. waiting for their arrival. also hoping they bring me some red velvet cupcakes home. because those things are good. and because i always say i am going to "start eating good" on mondays. love a start to a new week!

Saturday, July 16, 2016


the mr and i snuck away during scarlett's first nap to attend the temple.
we did baptisms.
which we haven't done since we dated.
i watched as a young man about 14 yrs old waited to be baptized.
i am sure he got dropped off all by himself.
and then waited again-
for his mom to pick him up.
coming on a saturday-
he touched my heart as i could see his faith.
so evident at such a young age.

we swam about 14 times.

your cheeks are starting to flare up and get red like ellie's
i surely hope you don't have eczema like your sister.
you loved being in the water.

daddy took you to see "finding dory."
you were the happiest, giddiest little girl-
as you climbed into the car you said, "this is going to be the most fun."

did some indexing.
it is weird how much i enjoy reading about people who lived so long ago.
reading about a snippet of someone's life-
i feel helps you live yours a little better.

in the evening-
everyone came over for burgers, and more swimming.

ty and i snuck away again to see tarzan.
totally enjoyed it.
what a good movie!
i guess scarlett woke up when we were gone and stayed awake until we got home at 10:30 pm.
the joys of breastfeeding your girl to sleep.
i really love breastfeeding-
but there surely is freedom when we are done.

Friday, July 15, 2016

my family.

just came across this picture.
taken last august.
so glad little scarlett is here with us..
instead of in my tummy.
she really is the spark of our family.


we pulled weeds.
while ellie filled her bucket of rocks.
i asked her to dump the bucket in the trash.
when we were leaving town this afternoon-
i noticed she dumped the rocks on the sidewalk.
we made some thank you notes.
with glitter.
i really love using glitter.
even more than ellie.
my house hates it.
it is still worth it.
we dropped by some cookies and notes for ellis's friends.
we were both still in our pjs
around noon-
we finally dressed ourselves.
our neighbor linda came over and visited.
we really did score with the best neighbors.
they take such good care of us.
we packed.
cleaned house.
did visiting teaching.
took our fish zoe to our neighbors.
to watch while we are gone.
ellie ate her meals in the high chair.
scarlett didn't want to take a second nap.
they both fell asleep on the way to my parent's house.
crew and ellie swam till 9 pm tonight.
i killed two scorpions while they were swimming.
i call myself the scorpion killer.
they scare the heck out of me.
and i feel they are everywhere lately.
tyson got home from work.
we ate popcorn.
and skinny cows.
watched insurgent.
now i am one tired momma.
excited for the next few days.
we planned on going to cali next week with friends.
but i think we are now just going to hang out here for a bit.
i don't really feel like making the drive.
and i definitely don't feel like camping with a baby.
but maybe we will pull a last min trip.
we shall see....

today. 7.14.16

today: the mr took elles to bashas to get a donut.
she loves her daddy daughter dates.
i was too tired to go to the gym in the early am.
so took the girls at 8 am.
ellie fell on the ground crying-
since i normally get her a granola bar after the gym.
didn't today since she got a donut.
she cried the rest of the way home.
i texted the mr saying she is only allowed donuts
if he takes her to work.
back at the house.
we all calmed down.
got out the face painting.
i painted ellie's. she painted mine.
then she decided she wanted to paint our bodies.
so we did.
we wrote down things we want to do the rest of the summer.
suggestions from ellie include, "make a bird craft." "disneyland." "watch a movie." "swim at pappa's house."
hoping to finish the summer off strong.
made spider crafts.
went to the pool.
took naps.
made cookies.
didn't make dinner.
girls played in bath forever.
with their new bath paints.
ellie's drawings are actually starting to look like real people.
ellie played with scarlett in her crib for at least 30 min.
making her giggle and laugh.
my heart was filled.
put the girls down at 7.
mowed the front yard.
love that it stays light outside- well past 7 pm.
looked at the nordstrom half yearly sale.
planned out yw calendar.
vacuumed girls room.
killed a scorpion in our bathroom.
the mr finally got home.
then i think i annoyed the mr.
since he says...
we need a king size mattress.
surely do love him.
and our children.