Thursday, June 30, 2016

this week. and a bunch of other randomness.

ellie often pretends to take a picture of me
daily. ellie will climb into scarlett's bed after she awakes. and play for quite a while.
she loves her some soy sauce
having a hard time letting her butterflies go
donut morning run with dad. both pretty dang happy about it.
she learned how to stand up. but not sit back down. oh geezzzzzzz!
swim night with the cousins. 
grandma's new toy room
girls eating spaghetti. happy day. only have to make one meal. that is a first!

sunday we headed to mesa.
to stay at the parents.
they have a pool.
skinny cows always stocked in the freezer.
toys for days.
and they live close to grandma martha and crewby. (ellie's loves)

we came back to surprise on wednesday.
attended mutual.
spent too much money at costco.
and tried to catch up on some laundry.

thursday. (today) oh boy! we made it and deserve serious milk chocolate chips all night long. (which i have been doing).
went with ellie this morning to a third party dmv.
trying to get our tags current on our new car. that we purchased six months ago.
yes- we totally procrastinated. and in the process got a ticket.
i had a sitter sit with scarlett while she took her first nap.
the 3rd party dmv send me to the real thing dmv.
while there- the sitter called saying scarlett woke from her nap and wont stop crying.
the lady at the dmv said the mr needed to sign- since his name was on the title.
came home. got scarlett. dropped off the sitter.
drove to ty's office in the east valley.
had him sign the paper.
back to the dmv.
which is always a nightmare.
got everything up to date. paid for.
stopped by chick-fil-a.
fed scarlett in the car while ellie ate icecream for lunch.
drove to the court.
paid my ticket.
came home.
took a bath.
remembered i was supposed to drop dinner off at someone's house at 4:45.
quickly made some dinner.
loaded the girls into the car. one last time.
came home put scarlett down for bed.
made popcorn with ellie.
watched a movie.
put elles to bed.
went and got the mail.
called the mr.
i will pull an all nighter- to pack for cali.
we leave in the am.
and i haven't done a thing.
will also clean my house.
because who can leave town with a messy house?!
now i am waiting for the mr.
excited to go to the beach-
and rest.
and probably not sleep.
since our girls don't sleep well when we are all in the same bed.

other random things:
tyson also got a ticket for expired tags. (we are the worst)
scarlett is pulling herself up on everything.
she will be walking shortly.
which is crazy.
ellie didn't walk til she was almost 14 months.
ellie still loves her sister more than anything.
scarlett has started eating real food.
and loves most everything.
we cut down our big tree out front.
and i love it being gone.
our fish zoe is still alive.
even after leaving her for long periods of time.
life is good.
the girls are a dream.
especially when they are sleeping.
now i better get to work!
lots to do before peacing out tomorrow.

Friday, June 24, 2016

June 11th. On a Saturday

Saturday was spent.
Cleaning out the garage.
Doing house work.
The mr sneaking onto his phone- to do work.
Cooked hot dogs at the pool.
Took long naps.
Watched the mr play soccer.
Put the girls to bed.
Ran to target.
And visited a couple young women.

June 10th

we lucked out with some good weather.
took the chance to visit the zoo-
while it was overcast and windy. with a little bit of rain.
we finally got to see the penguins be fed.
something which we always miss.
wildlife world zoo- is seriously my favorite yearly investment.

that night.
i couldn't find a sitter-
which i am still mourning over.
we missed the date night to wet and wild.
took the girls to Native.
ate wings, salad, and ice cream while watching the Cavaliers and warriors.

june 24th-june 29th

to my darling girls,
the weekend was spent at the marriott.
in tempe.
we did a little weekend staycation.
that turned into a five day one.
ellie- you loved the pool.
scarlett- you didn't want to go to sleep-
until everyone else did.
we ate dinners in.
walked to get icecream. in the evening.
and swam five times a day.

on friday-
we met up with jake for his birthday lunch at liberty market.
he turned 35. i think.

love getting away.
with nothing to do except focus my time and attention on you girls and the mr.
it was so needed. and grateful we were able to do it!

Friday, June 10, 2016

date with elles

ellie is always wanting to go on a date-
since she sees us go on dates all the time.

so the other
we called it a date.
scarlett came with us 
and we painted...
a cupcake.
and penguin.

since picking them up the other day
they have all broken an arm, leg or fin.

a perfect cheap date
with my girlfriend

Thursday, June 9, 2016

May 25-27, 2016. Cali Trip

california was one of the best trips.
trips with kids are always a gamble.
trips when you own your own business-
are also a gamble.
on several trips-
we have left stressed, worried, whatever
because although you try to plan-
things come up.
but this last trip.
the business seemed to be okay.
and the girls were rockstars.
still had a few meltdowns.
but hey-
we will count it as one of the best!
the girls slept great.
and couldn't have loved the beach more!

some of my favorites: watching tyson carry both our girls into in-n-out. ellie building sand castles so slowly- slowly patting her hands each time she placed more sand on top. watching tyson love being in the water. watching ellie swim a hundred laps in the spa. seeing tyson's mom. drinking an acai bowl on the beach. chatting with walt while eating baja fish at our hotel. going out with walt and meg. the mr wishing we would have ate somewhere cheaper on our date. he is a frugal man- and i love him for that. crying with joy when i saw mickey mouse. literally. i cried real tears. ellie crying that she wanted to leave when she saw mickey mouse. i don't think she realized they are life size. seeing the hill's while eating breakfast. playing soccer on the beach with the mr. free breakfast. the girls both sleeping through the night! getting my iphone fixed (after it being shattered for over a year), riding the ferris wheel with ellie, watching scarlett eat the sand, finding a yummy pizza place in blythe (usually we eat at mcdonalds and want to barf), being with my family, being with the mr. talking about our children, and future family trips. great weather, great vacation. can't wait to go back!