Sunday, April 24, 2016

This past week.

this past week:
scarlett turned 6 months old
ellie started doing daily chores (emptying silverware and vacuuming)
for now- she thinks it is great and fun.
i am sure in a few days- she will change her mind.
went swimming every day.
tyson stopped driving for work.
had the yw over for mutual and taught them how to minimize.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

McCormick Train Park. 4-9-16

 my favorite saturdays are when 
1. the mr spends the entire day with us
2. we do house/yard work in the morning
3. play hard in the afternoon
4. home in time to put the kids to sleep
5. watch a movie with the mr.
all of those things happened last saturday.

 ellie and scarlett fell asleep on the way to the park
love when things miraculously work out perfectly. 

after we let ellie play at the park for a good hour-
we went to wildflower
where we indulged in my favorite chopped salad.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

march 2016

you went with dad to get his hair cut. he said you sat perfectly still while watching. came home with a sucker and smiles.

last night dad came home from work early. by early i mean 5 pm. that is super early for us. you were so excited you wanted to share all your easter candy with him. he came with us to dance. then chick-fil-a for dinner.

two weeks ago. grandma huggans watched you while dad and mom went to the temple. picked up some costa vida on the way home. they have drive thru! hello amazing. we hung out there the rest of the day. scoping out a spot for cali this summer.

most days we head to the park. usually to meet other friends and mommas. our best time is after starlet's first nap. we only last about 45 min before she is ready to sleep again.

easter sunday. with my easter bunny.

the kids watching a movie. while the dads hide the eggs.

easter sunday. coloring eggs.

grandma phelps gave you some paint and a coloring book. glad she pulled through- because your mom didn't get you an easter basket or easter dress. glad you are chill- and didn't even notice.

invited rachel bagealy to come to my house and share her expertise in a field i need much help in. how to dress and look the part. i love her. and now that i met her- love her even more.

the weather is ripe. pool almost daily. this evening- dad got home at 6:30 pm. we quickly changed into our suits and headed over. this time of year- is the best.

ellie's easter candy. lots of chocolate. but of course- that is her mom's favorite. so they don't last long.

my happy baby. and grandpa. whenever i am sad, frustrated, etc... i just hold this one. and my bad mood doesn't last long. 

easter crafts with this one. 

my mom and brittney came out for the women's broadcast. we had pizza and went to the pool. i almost cried the morning of- when they texted that they were coming. i was a happy girly.
she started solids last week. and absolutely loves them. she only cries- when i can't get from the bowl to her mouth quick enough.

i love living in surprise. i love the friends we have here even more. the hills had us over (along with some other friends). we ate ham, potatoes, salad, rolls and had an epic easter egg hunt.

life is pretty perfect right now.

i thought about ruby and truly a hundred times on easter sunday.
and become even more grateful that
because He lives-
we can be with them again.
that is not wishful thinking-
it is truth.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

friday. saturday. and sunday.

dad got to meet us for sushi!
it was heavenly.
and totally unexpected.
he was there for a whole 30 min.
and we loved every min.
then he went back to work.
and we went to get some icecream for dessert.

spent the day with family.
just hanging out.
got to get to the temple with ty.
while his parents watched the girls.
whenever we walk out of the temple.
it is the same thing each time.
we grab each other.
and hug while walking to our car.
telling the mr how much i love him.
and how glad i am-
that i got him.

was pretty dang awesome.
we were early to church.
i wasn't a crazy women-
like i usually am before church.
it was just good.
and nice.
had fish tacos for dinner.
watched the cinderalla story
ellie wished she had a blue dress to twirl in.
i snuggled the mr
and snapped the picture above.
where i don't look so hot.
but the mr looks so good-
i had to post.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


went to the park before naps
and after naps
the girls both slept from 1:30-4!
and a miracle.
waffles for dinner.
scarlett is the happiest baby.
and so needed in our lives.
tried to unpack from our trip-
with little success.
still have loads of laundry.
that i will try to tackle tomorrow.
the mr is still not home.
waiting for his arrival.
love this time of year.
easter pagenat on saturday.
easter party next week!
so many things to look forward to.
still have a huge cold sore
that i am certain i got from eating too much sugar.
which is why i asked the mr to not eat sugar with me-
until his birthday.

Friday, March 11, 2016


i took elles to the dr
after her fever reached 103.5
she has an ear infection
and is the most somber little girl right now
i sorta hate it
seeing her just sit around the house
or ask to go lay down-
pulls on my heart
so when she asked at 5 pm
if we could go get granola bars
i of course said
you betcha!
we have been home
since sunday
trying to get better
hoping the antibiotics work
so we can go out
and enjoy the awesome weather

it is 8:11 am
and she is still sleeping.

last night
racheal bagley came to my house
to teach us about how to make motherhood
look good
i love her.
always have
always will.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

today. shutterfly books or blog?

today at 3:43 pm
ellie is up from a nap.
watching a cartoon.
scarlett is still napping.
and i am dressed, but still no make up.

still trying to decide to keep up the blog
or just do all photos on shutterfly.
while trying to decide the past month-
of course i didn't do either.
so today-
i started both
until i can decide how to best archive our family memories.