Friday, February 12, 2016


ellie wore her heart shaped pjs all day
i curled my hair.
while ellie layed on my lap
eating a sucker.
remember how i bought a curling iron four months ago-
thinking i would start curling my hair-
and this is only the second time i have used it.
prayed for patience.
the ellie girl and myself have matching personalities
so when dad isn't around-
we but heads at times.
our neighbor
delivered valentines for the girls.
drove to mesa.
dinner at the groves.
with the parents.
parents babysat the girls while 
the mr and i dated.
sports authority
for new soccer shoes.
and then escape room.
don't remember the last time i laughed so hard that i cried.
but it happened tonight.
want to do the escape room again-
with lots of good friends.

nursed scarlett to sleep
she is still not feeling well.
might be a long night.
she is worth it.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


we had zero agenda
we stayed home
and played
rode bikes to get the mail.
made cookies 
that were flat as pancakes.
jumped on the trampoline
short naps for scarlett.
no nap for ellie.
fed scarlett a hundred times.
she was a hungry little munchkin.
sometimes i felt like i followed ellie around
cleaning up her little creations (messes)
i love love love this season of life
slow paced in the mornings.
and some days when we are lucky-
we have no agenda.
leaving it wide open to go and do-
or stay home and play.
tonight as i was putting scarlet to bed
singing her i am a child of god.
with ellie in the nude
dancing around me-
while singing
made me realize again
for the millionth time
being a mom is the best job anyone could ever have.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


ellie wanted to lay on the trampoline.
like we sometimes do at night
blankets, pillows and all.
met some awesome mammas at the park.
ellie accidentally peed  
in her panties.
made for a short park day.
admired our new fridge.
our freezer went out two months ago.
we haven't even noticed.
being freezer less
tonight my girls haven't been feeling too well.
that nasty cough.
seems like everyone has it.
went to mutual.
i love young women's.
hope to serve there till i die.
watched scarlett learn how to roll over.
and kiss her cheeks a million times over.
the mr is playing church ball.
love the stories he tells when he gets home from that game.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


it was my turn to teach joy school.
the correct term is fun school.
every time i tried to teach something-
they just wanted to play.
i don't blame them.
school is overrated.

chose chocolate over a nap today.
bad choice.
but at the time-
chocolate over powered my conscience. 

ellie's favorite toys are in my closet.
at nights she never wants to go to bed.
so we tell her she can't play with toys unless she goes to sleep.
when i told her last night-
it didn't even phase her.
her response, "you can take my toys. just not my bike."
so funny.
but not really- at 9:30 pm.

love my life 
that is filled with
and a husband
who i crave so badly-
esp when it comes to 
the weekend!

Monday, February 8, 2016


the mr called and said he was working late-
the only way we were going to survive the evening
drive thru 

ellie wanted to wear her pj's over her leotard to dance class.
crazy girl.

i take a bubble bath daily.
most days
as of late
ellie insists on joining me.
my relaxation turns into a girl doing cannon balls 
wouldn't have it any other way.

scarlett is still my favorite baby.
she is pure gold.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


today we attended stake conference.
elder snow from the 70 spoke.
i only remember a story he told at the end
and then the last two sentences he spoke-
"it is true."
and ,"it is worth it."

in speaking about the church.
it really is so very true!
and so very worth it!

we came home 
jumped on the trampoline 
took naps. 
all of us.
we didn't go to bed till midnight last night-
so we have been yawners all morning.
read from the manual of our prophet.
about remembering our savior more throughout the day.
the mr and i planned out our week.
while holding the babes.

the mr got called into work right before dinner.

he is still gone.
wanted to use my time well.
hoping to begin today
a new goal.
it is:
record daily.
take a picture daily.

should be simple enough.

i want to order a table this week.
since i sold our other one.
a costco play table serves as our current place to eat and gather.

i can never seem to make up my mind when it comes to furniture.
i really do want our home to be comfortable and inviting-
but i am paralyzed that what i buy i will end up hating.

this week-
i am going to just do it.
like nike would say.

to a new goal.
and the start of a new week!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

scarlett: 3 months

to my darling scarlett,
somewhere a while back you turned 3 months.
not sure when.
but it happened.
you continue to be the best baby known to mankind.
you smile, spit up, have started to babble, and holding that head up quite nicely.
your sister makes you giggle. even when she smoothers you with too much love.
you still wake once a night to eat.

i can't tell you how much i enjoy you.
with ellie i was so nervous and anxious about doing everything right- and trying to figure it out- that i missed out on the pure enjoyment of it all.
but not with you.
i love getting on the ground on kissing your cheeks.
laying next to you and ellie- as ellie reads books to us.

you really are a special girl scarlett.
we love you. so very much.