Thursday, August 11, 2016

last weekend

last weekend.
my sister tried talking me into california.
i didn't want to make the drive so suggested a stay cation.
we both booked the hotel.
or so she thought.
the night before she realized her reservation didn't go through.
called the hotel and the rooms were all booked.
so we each did our own staycation. at two different hotels.
nonetheless- had a grand time.
friday night. holding scarlett outside. next to the pool. on the couch. while watching ellie and tyson in the water. on the raft.-was a dream!
we ate yummy food. the girls went to bed way later than normal. but did great the next few days!
then monday came.
i was tired.
ellie was whiney.
makes for a bad combo.

we stayed at the fairmont princess. i told ellie there were no princesses. i was totally wrong. she got gold the first day from the little mermaid's treasure box and pixie duet from tinkerbell.
after tinkerbell put some fairy dust in ellie's hand. she kept it closed shut for the next 4 hours. even while she napped. loved it!

staycations are our favorite. the mr doesn't stress about not being at work.
and we get to relax and swim our hearts out.

Friday, August 5, 2016

last friday

last friday:
we took the girlies to skyzone.
then babbo's to eat.
i came home that night- with my heart so full. and told the mr. i have never been happier.
some seasons of life are hard.
and some are so very good.
that is just the way it is.
it is such a fun age with the girls- enjoying it.

Monday, August 1, 2016


craft with elles.
car wash.
girls played awesome together. all. day.
made crepes for dinner.
family home evening.
31 flavors for dessert.
i love being a mom.

Monday, July 25, 2016


elles made a gazillion crafts during scarlett's first nap.
i really love that little girlfriend of mine.

killed a scorpion.
that was in the bounce house with the girls.
literally an inch away from scarlett.
thankfully ellie called me when she saw it.
i told her she saved her sister's life.
hate scorpions.

fhe with the family.
ac broke.
missed my mom's birthday dinner.
sad about that 
honestly- the girls were a dream.
and we loved most everything else about today.

happy birthday momma!
you are the selfless mom i strive to be.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

thursday. friday. and a little of today

snuck away with your dad to dinner. flancers. love their fries. asked your dad that morning to avoid sugar with me. but that night i caved. their pazookie was too good to pass up. i am totally weak. your dad even said so with a smile on his face. i just love a treat too much.

saturday: gilbert temple. with the huggans fam. sierra watched you girls. she took you swimming.
while scarlett was sleeping in her carseat- i seized the opportunity to head back to surprise. 

home sweet home. we went to mesa last friday night- and honestly had the best time with family.
gramsy- makes us feel so comfortable staying at her house.
i love visits to mesa- but surprise still feels like home.
your dad took you ellie to see the secret life of pets while i did laundry. 
he texted me..." everytime we come back... this just feels like home."

and so it does! grateful to be here.. but mostly for the friends we have made here.
perfect place to raise our girls.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

the last few days.

well. we came to mesa last friday. thinking we would stay a few days. then head to cali. to beach camp with some friends. but then i got freaked out to camp with a baby. so we cancelled the cali trip and decided to stay at the parents. till they kick us out. we kept staying "just one more day". and we are still here. we love hanging out with family. and a pool in the back yard. 
the past few days we have... gone to Krazy Air with crew and elles,  got to see where mimi teaches school, ellie took a nap with sierra, met the huggans at sauce (ran into a few high school friends- who i love dearly), mesa temple visitor's center, grandpa's store, hair do to get the locks chopped, swimming every single night. one of these days we will go home. but for now. we are soaking up the last of summer and late nights.

scarlett- whenever i lay on the ground you quickly crawl over to me and will suck on my face. makes me laugh and smile and love you a million times over.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


yesterday: went to the gym before the girlies awoke. took them to sprouts after breakfast. sported the birks with socks. my friends they can spot me without even looking up when they see birkenstocks with socks. i want to be buried in them. it truly is the most comfy combo. took the girlies swimming at a fun neighborhood pool. ellie was in heaven going down the slide and jumping off the rocks. makes a momma happy seeing her girls happy. the goodman kids hung out all day. my girls napped while we watched "once i was a beehive." mesa high school pool for the phelps family epic pool party. visited with the cousins. (love, love, love the phelps family)got thundered out. or so we thought. we left to go swimming somewhere else- when they texted that they were letting people swim. swam in the rain till 9 pm. as tyson exclaimed happily yesterday night, "rainy, summer, swim nights are awesome!" i agree.