Wednesday, June 24, 2015

summer time in AZ

What we do in the summer time-
when it is 115 degrees outside.

make cookies
frost cookies
eat cookies
play in the water table
with no clothes on.
go to the library
watch the magician
who is boring.
leave early
so ellie can crawl around like a puppy
and snuggle up to her momma
while watching another momma-
with a 6 year old daughter, 4 year old daughter and triplet girls who are 2-
rock it as a mom.
I should have given her a high five.
cause she most definitely deserved it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ellie as of late

Ellie has been adamant about two things lately:

#1. that all shoes go into the closet. on the shoe rack.
tyson and i are both not so good at this.
she will put hers away and then say, "no, no momma."
as she takes my shoes and puts them into the closet as well.

#2. she insists on sleeping with a book of mormon.
for all naps and bedtime.
i have no idea where she got this from.
every time we pull out the scriptures to read- she runs in the opposite direction.

she is growing up.
making me laugh. every. single. day.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day

For father's day:
the mr wanted two things:
1. a date night with his wife.
2. to go and see Jurassic World.

#1 happened Saturday night.
split a mike's jersey sub. turkey on wheat.
got some cold stone to take into the movie. 
saw Inside-Out.
The mr might have teared up.
Such a good movie!

#2 happened last Thursday night.
We sent the husbands out to see a movie of their choice.
they go on occasion when they want to see something the wives are less interested in.
they love it. we love not wasting money on san andreas type movies.

Our dad:
is home more this time of the year.
he plays with us in the mornings and evenings.
works hard each day.
is the reason we eat and have clothes to wear.
holds the priesthood.
uses the priesthood power to bless his family.
has one energetic girl on earth, two in heaven, and one waiting to join us in november.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Girls Camp. June 1st-3rd. Camp Lomia

I didn't take enough pictures at girls camp. 
That's for sure.

I did have a change of heart about girls camp.
I loved it.
I loved the girls.
Loved getting to know them on a whole new level.
Loved chatting it up with the other leaders.

Saturday, June 6, 2015


April included:
a lot of me crying to the mr. telling him how sick I feel.
Feeling sorry for our house that I could never clean.
Feeling sorry for Ellie that I could not take care of.
And feeling sorry for the Mr in never having a meal cooked for him.
After a little break down- I came home to the Mr having cleaned the entire house...
with two flowers on the table.
I love that man.

The splash pad came back on April 1st.
happy day for Ellie.

Lots of eating out.

Lots of watching these two from the couch.

Lots of this girl swimming in the grandparents back yard.
mostly without a swim suit.

Tending Vivi while her parents went to mexico.

Signing Ellie up for swim lessons and realizing with me being sick-
worst idea ever.
Had tyson come with us and take her-
also a bad idea.
Both days ended in leaving early-
going to get icecream.
And never going back.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday. Was the best Easter I can ever remember.
We colored eggs.
Hunted for eggs.
Watched conference.
Ate dinner at Mother's house.
Slept well.

This year for the easter baskets:
I gave Ellie an empty basket and she was told to go find the eggs.
She had to find three eggs and a kite.
She came inside after finding the eggs.
Opened them up... put the goodies back in-
then begged to go outside again.
She re-hid all the eggs.
And found them. Again. And again. And again.

her favorite part was definitely the hunt and not the treasure.

The Mr's easter basket included a wubble-bubble (that he has been wanting)
and Salsa Verde Chips (his favorite)


went to Lake Pleasant several times. Cooked up hot dogs while Ellie threw over 1,000 rocks into the lake

 Flew Ellie's kits she got for easter.
Ty and I enjoyed this way more than Ellie did.
 Visited the zoo on Friday's. 
Ellie wore her awesome costco hat.

 The YW came over to listen to Elder Bednar's live Q&A.
These Young women come to mutual because they want to- not because they have to.
I love them.

Stayed at my parent's when I felt way too sick to be home alone.
My dad taught Ellie how to pick the ripe tomatoes.
Ellie's pj's are size 18 months and she is 2 years old. 

Annual YM/YW mud olympics

 Ellie painted and still paints five times a day.

The two times we went to the gym ended up with Ellie eating a granola bar and me drinking a chocolate shake.