Thursday, February 26, 2015

Paint Eater

Yesterday. I took Elles to Michael's because I had a 40% off coupon.
I let Ellie choose a bird house to paint. 
It took her a full hour to choose the one she wanted.
I sat on the ground in Michael's-
chatting to Ty on the phone-
as I watched her examine all one hundred of them.
She finally picked the one-
nestled it under her arm, walking towards the cash register.
We picked up a white tub of paint as well.
The cashier told me my coupon had expired a couple months ago.
I went ahead with the $7.49 purchase- since ellie was eager to paint!
Getting home-
I was cleaning the kitchen and I keep hearing her say, "mmmm."
Finally, walked over to see her painting her lips white.
I now have to watch her closely as she tries to sniff or eat the paint.
She must like the rush :).

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Show Low, AZ 13th-15th

We spent our Valentine's Weekend at the Breinholt's Cabin-
with the Zacardi's, Jarvis', and Breinholt's.
We call that place paradise.
Such a sweet get-a-way that is not too far of a drive.
Only snapped a few phone pics while there.
Most of the time- we were lazy- ate good food- razor rides- games- chatted- napped- played outside.
Valentine's Eve...
We got a sitter-
to come to the cabin and watch 7 kids under the age of 5.
It was awesome.
We went as couples to some mexican food (in which not everyone was a fan of)
and ended at DQ-
eating red velvet blizzards.
Romantic to say the least.
I have said this a hundred times-
but so glad Tyson's friends wives are some of my best friends.
It makes for date nights, and vacations-
Because we both like the people we get to spend time with.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Having peanut butter toast- together

On a rare occasion-
the Mr stops by for a quick breakfast or lunch.
Last Week
it was a lunch break.
Ellie talked to him the entire time
telling him about her day at the zoo
and all the animals she saw.
I love-
how she loves her dad.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Another day at the Zoo

Fridays we always head to the Wild Life World Zoo.
It is our Friday thing to do.
Ellie loves it.
And I like the change of scenery.
We usually meet up with friends.
The moms catch up on life-
while the girlies
try to run away from us.
Last Friday-
our friends couldn't come.
I thought I would get bored
without our friends meeting us there.
But it was just as good-
I paid more attention to ellie,
took more pictures,
let her ride on my shoulders.
A nice morning
with my little girlfriend.

Feed my starving Children

Last Wednesday for mutual-
we went to feed my starving children.
The youth loved it-
they laughed, danced, and cheered
while packaging food for the children.
Something I want to take my family and go to again.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Eve.

Friday morning-
during breakfast-
we watched our wedding video.
Ellie loves seeing her mom and dad kiss on tv.
and in real life.
Friday night 
we snuck off to Show Low
to enjoy Valentine's day in the mountains
with good friends.
while getting lots of sleep.
We are home now-
back to real life.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Hiking the White Tanks

We live just a few miles from White Tank Mountains.
My outdoorsy, hiking, camping going friend- called me to go hiking with her.
Tyson and I enjoy doing those things- we just don't do them often enough to invest in any camping/hiking goods. 
I knew the hike was only a mile up, but wasn't sure how to get elles up to the top with me.
I thought her infant carrier would work.
And work it did!
It was a beauty.
Ellie rode up in the carrier- 
ran down the mountain.
My 2 year old girl- sporting the baby bjorn.