Thursday, January 22, 2015

suns game with TH

Monday night- I drove to Mesa to put our baby to sleep at my parents- so the Mr and I could sneak away to the Suns game.
TH met me at my parent's at 7:30 pm and we made it to the 8:30 game.
Someone wants his business- they are trying to schmooze him over. 
And I don't mind.
It was super fun.
Always fun.
With TH.

My favorite part of the game was the "dancing dads"
Not sure it gets much better than elderly men- dancing!

Friday, January 16, 2015

2014 Family Fun

every january. we write down family things we want to do together. 
we had high hopes last year.
thinking we will aim a little lower this year.
put things like- go to the park, get the mail, etc.
i am glad we wrote this. and that i kept it between the move. always on our fridge.
mostly to remind me of the time-
ty and i went to happy feet together.
he came out having the worst experience of his life.
but the story he tells- makes me cry- from laughing- every time he tells about 
"noogie man"

Thursday, January 15, 2015

the mr and me

  dec 2013.
When the mr and I dated- we used to dance together.
all. the time.
we danced at parks, school playgrounds, the lake, las sendas, my back yard, fountain hills
he would bring his ipod 
place an earphone in my ear
one in his

since we have been married- the mr-
on occasion
will pull over into a church parking lot 
turn the music up-
take me out of the car and pull me close

it has been far too long since that has happened.

last night- 
we danced like we did when we dated.

i loved it.
and i love the mr.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

house for rent.

We were going to rent our house out for the super bowl.
At first it sounded like a good idea.
All our neighbors are doing it.
Make a few extra dollars.
Why not jump on that band wagon?
Until I started to take pictures of our house-
to put on Airbnb-
and realized when I walk into our home.
We have no furniture.
Maybe we could consider the bounce house a bed???

Since I took a few photos- want to document our first home purchase.
It is a gem.
A true gem.

One day studio mcgee will help me decorate our home.
The mr said she would be more than any house we ever bought.
Maybe- but she would be worth it.

Monday, January 12, 2015

a family favorite game

two months ago.
we taught ellie how to play duck, duck, goose
she thinks it is the best game that has ever happened to mankind. 

just thinking of her saying, "goose" in a high pitched squeal- makes me smile.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

the busy season

Friday nights- the mr and i try to plan a date night.
this past friday-
we planned on playing volleyball at the church with 3 other couples-
while the kiddos make chaos in the nursery.
the mr was going to meet me at the church at 6 pm.
but just as i stepped out of the car-
he called and said he would be working late.
i went in and let ellie play-
and refreshed some skills i used to have in high school.
that no longer exist.

saturday night-
we try to plan something as a family.
sometimes this entails chick-fil-a and a walk around target.
the mr got called into work.
so i took elles to bashas to get a scoop of ice craem.
we used to get scoops at baskin robbins-
that is until we found out the price difference for a scoop
was $3.00
ellie doesn't seem to notice.
i do.
but would rather spend money on a cute shirt than on food.
we also got her favorite pink waffer cookies she always begs for but never gets at the checkout.
when i went to put her to bed-
she detested.
i had just put straight up sugar into her bloodstream.
no way she was going to sleep.
she got to stay up til 9 pm.

it is what we call the busy season of Ty's work.
it starts now and goes til the snowbirds fly back home.
the first year was hard.
but now- we know it will end.
it won't be forever.
we will get to plan things again.
and have a date night that happens.
and have family outings.

til april comes-
we will enjoy the time the mr is home
and wait for the spring to show its face.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

teaching you the stories of jesus

right before my mission.
i remember this boy in my ward.
he was 14 ish.
he knew the gospel- better than anyone i had met.
he knew the scripture stories, he knew Jesus, he just knew things that most 14 yr old boys. don't know.
so i asked his mom.
how does he know the scriptures so well?
she said she used to read to him the stories while he took a bath each night.
what she said, never left my mind.
when we moved into our home.
i put the binder filled with scripture stories and detailed pics in our bathroom closet.
hoping that i could be like that mom.
many nights-
i sit down with you and 
tell you the stories. of jesus.
tonight- it was more about adam and eve and john the baptist.
you will always point out every single animal and if "jeez" is in the picture. 

i love the little things-
another mom can teach you-
that will have an impact on your child-