Monday, August 14, 2017

today and yesterday

yesterday we got dad home all day.
that is the first time since moving to yuma- and it was SO nice.
tyson and i switched off attending the tucson temple dedication.
loved what pres uchdorf said, "words are good, deeds are better."
we had a little starting school party.
to get ellie pumped for preschool.
she is so ready.
i'm a little sad seeing her grow up-
but she is so ready and to be honest- we are ready for some routine and something to do here in yuma.
tyson gave us each father's blessings.
seeing our girls sit perfectly still was a cute sight.
we watched a movie like we do most sunday nights.
and ellie was super excited going to bed early- so she could wake up and attend her first day of preschool.

today we dropped ellie off at 9 am.
she was nervous at first.
as was i.
for a min it had me wishing we were back in surprise... where i would drop her off with a teacher i know and everyone in the class would be a familiar face to ellie.
here, we don't know the teachers and don't know a soul in her class.
she went right over to the playground and made a couple friends.
took henry and scarlett to the gym.
it was honestly nice having just two for a few hours.
we waited for ellie to get home.
i eagerly asked her about her day...
which she replied... "i don't remember what i learned."
it is getting late and so i need to get to sleep so we can do it all again tomorrow.
so very grateful to have routine, and some activities for us to attend.
yay for the start of school!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Today ellie snapped all the pictures above. All by herself.
Today- went to a dr's apt.
Kyanne came and watched the girls.
So nice being here with family and having help.
Makes me want to move back to the valley.
I read more of the Boys in the Boat.
Jodi came over with her kids to swim- my girls joined them.
Held Henry on my lap and made him giggle. He is honestly- the best.
I think I say that about all my babies.
Babies are the best.
Scarlett pooped in the pool twice today.
So much poop with that girl.
The girls had a hard time going to sleep.
My parents went in and told them stories.
They are the best.
I am starting to really miss ty.
So heading home tomorrow morning.
I pretty much missed all the meetings and orientations this week.
Ellie starts preschool next week.
I am nervous for her.
We don't know a soul in her class.
But I know she will be braver than her mom.
She is ready for some socializing.
And I think a little one on one with Scarlett will be good.
Life moves quick.
Trying to make the most of it.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

today and la jolla shores hotel

Today I am catching up on our shutterfly books. 
Went to the gym.
Washed the car.
Stopped by Amy's house so Ellie and Crew could play.
I tell you- it is the little things about the valley that I miss.
Close proximity to mountainside or any gym that has childcare.
A carwash that isn't crazy expensive- with free vacuuming.
And being close to family tops it all- for me.

Well, when we moved to yuma I really wanted a small house- with little maintenance and small utilities bill... so... that we could have a little more money in the budget to vacation.
I then looked up all the san diego family friendly resorts.
So far we have visited three of them. 3 more to go.
La Jolla Shores hotel has been our favorite by far.
For these reasons: smaller hotel feel, they set up chairs and umbrellas for you (with small children and tyson gone the last day.. this was so nice), pool within three feet from your room (nice so henry could sleep while the girls swam), and it was right on the beach.
The places to eat within walking distance was also a big bonus.
Plus, La Jolla is beautiful.
My favorite memory was sitting on the beach with my girls, eating a bag of cereal. Tyson had left to go back to work... and having a conversation with ellie how she wished our mattresses could fly... made my heart happy.
Vacationing with littles is not easy- but for some strange reason.... you don't remember Scarlett wanting to be held the whole time, or screaming her head off whenever we tried to put her swim suit on (which sometimes we didn't and everyone thought she was a boy)... you just remember the movie night, and making smores in your hotel room, and Ellie wanting to build sand castles all day, and Scarlett loving jumping the waves, and sneaking off to the temple with ty, and sitting on a cute table outside eating dang good sandwiches, and boogie boarding with ty talking surfer talk.
So glad tyson's sister came to help. I would not have made it without her.
Ps. Becoming big fans of cali. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017


today i was thinking about those first three weeks back in yuma after having henry.
they were hard!
i am pretty sure i cried every day.
it was hot, tyson was gone a lot, i was sleep deprived, didn't have any patience, and i felt like my girls were super emotional- just like their mom.
and now today- and the past month... it has been so good.
like the other morning when i snapped this picture and texted tyson asking him for just a few more kids.
because i really do want just a couple more.
but can never imagine being pregnant again.
my girls have been so good and so fun.
they are at an age where they make me laugh during the days.
scarlett is still a little mess maker.
wherever she goes- she leaves her trace.
ellie is still such a good sister- to both scarlett and henry.
i find her playing in corners quietly- so scarlett can't get to her toys or creations.
henry is a dream.
i love holding him.
i enjoy him so much.
i definitely enjoy him in a way that i did not with my girls.
we spent today swimming at the synders house in the morning.
played at home.
scarlett didn't want to nap.
drive thru dunkin donuts.
sour cream donuts are awesome.
picked up groceries at frys.
played some more.
read books.
girls were out by 7:30 pm.
loved on henry.
tyson got home around 8:15 pm.
we worked out to beach body.
reminded us of when we dated and we did insanity together.
bought some stuff on amazon.
such a good day.
i love being a mom.
and love being married to ty.

Saturday, July 22, 2017


i had a cleaning lady come.
when i found out tyson was working last night- i texted her at 8 pm asking if she could come in the morning.
our house is only 1200 sq feet.
but i have felt it impossible to keep clean lately.
i could have hugged her after she cleaned it this morning.
having your house deep cleaned- all at the same time- only happens about once a year.
and it feels so good.
took the kiddos to the pool.
i love getting in with them.
henry started crying- so we didn't last long.
took naps.
lots of laundry.
colored with ellie.
ate cookies and ice-cream while scarlett was sleeping.
regretted it later.
so went in and threw out the entire thing of ice-cream and cookie dough.
we just played at home in the afternoon.
the girls played outside for a little bit.
i washed the inside of the car.
vacuumed it out.
washed the mats.
the girls read books and rode around on their cars.
had quesadillas for dinner.
scarlett took a three hour nap.
so had a hard time falling asleep.
held her for a while.
she is getting so big.
10:14 pm and tyson is still working.
i love him.
i better get to bed.
henry still feeds twice at night- so trying to get to bed earlier so i am not such a zombie in the morning.


we got our passports in!
now just hoping they get to us in time for our trip.
we all took a long afternoon nap.
we needed it.
too many late nights and donut runs equals a lot of emotions.
including mine.
took the girls to the pool around 5. 
henry got to swim with us for the first time.
he loved it.
ellie got stung by a bee.
dad met us towards the end.
first time he has seen the girls all week- was today!
because we had dad- we stayed up watching lego batman while eating popcorn and acai smoothies.
the girls were in heaven.
i cleaned the house while they watched.
well, i should say picked up the house.
still haven't a clue how to keep this condo of ours cleaned.
i feel it is always a mess.
not sure if it is the house or my season of life.
then the mr and myself watched a movie.
a rough morning- but a great ending.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


and we are back. almost a year later.

scarlett woke up at 4:30 am.
never went back to sleep.
i turned on trolls.
her favorite movie at 7 am.
she zombied out the rest of the morning.
they watched another show after.
way too much tv lately. 
whats a momma to do in the summer time?

girls jumped off bed frame in the morning.
and again before bed.
usually ends with one of them getting hurt.
but they love it.
so i keep letting them live their dream.

henry was a dream like always.
slept and ate.
getting so big.

michael's to purchase crafts and a couple cans of spray paint.
scarlett ran around the store laughing and giggling. 
she is all play.
going to attempt to paint the play kitchen tomorrow.

parked in handicapped 
because scarlett runs into the street while i get henry out.
a police officer came to get food.
luckily no ticket.

they spent a good hour playing in the hose naked.
amazing that our backyard is so tiny- but they don't seem to notice or mind.

8:51 pm.
tyson is still working.
it has been busy.
i have a full sink of dishes i better get to.

hate starting the morning with dishes not cleaned.