Sunday, November 1, 2015

Scarlett's Story

Tuesday morning: Ellie stayed with my parents.
While the mr and I headed to the hospital around 7:45 am.
Arriving there- they informed us that they wouldn't have a bed ready for 2 hrs.
(same exact thing happened when having ellie)
We didn't mind.
We took advantage of one last date.
Headed to breakfast at T.C. Egginton's.
I ordered a monstrous pancake. 
Ate the whole thing.
The Mr ordered eggs benedict.
Also, polishing it off completely.

Arriving back at the hospital.
We got a room at 10:30 am.
And then the usual. 
Questions. IV. Fluids. Pitocin.
 Because this is our fourth baby girl in four years. 
We are regulars at Banner Desert. 
And know most all the nurses. 
The nurse in the left of the pic (Jaime) delivered Ellie, while (Kathy) on the right delivered Truly.
There is one nurse who has- helped with all four deliveries.
Once our name goes up on the white board- we get lots of nurses coming in to say Hi.
We have always felt like we were in such good care.

 Family stopped by to visit that day and into the evening.
And then finally around 2 am.
Just like the last two.
It was time.
They got the warmer ready.
The PPA doctor came right in.
And at 2:17 am- we had our baby girl.
We named her Scarlett.
Although I am still sometimes not sure about that name.
Maybe I will be one of those moms who changes her name.
Sometimes we call her Blakely.
The MR has liked that name since we had Ruby.
Time will tell.

Lots of anxiety filled this delivery.
For both the Mr and myself.
I know they like you to have skin to skin contact once the baby is born.
But I really like it when they take the baby-
make sure she is okay. And then hand her to me.

She was perfect.
And still is.
Not sure if she chose us. Or we chose her. Or maybe a little of both.
But we feel so blessed and grateful to have her. Hopefully forever.

Something even better than having four beautiful baby girls- is having him for my husband.
Being able to bring life into this world- is miraculous. 
I never see a new born baby without thinking that. Simply a miracle.

The Pumpkin Patch- October 12th

The pumpkin patch was perfect.
Our day at the pumpkin patch was less than perfect.

Started good. Ended very bad.
It was a HOT day.
But we did our best to stay cool and just roll with it.
Towards the end of our time there-
Ellie sorta lost it.
And her pregnant mamma did too.
Ellie started crying- melting down- for reasons I cannot remember.
I was trying to carry her to the car.
My nine month pregnant self.
Along with two pumpkins we had just picked from the pumpkin patch.

Ellie was doing the flailing and kicking-
making it impossible for me to carry her and the pumpkins.
I chucked the pumpkins off to the side of the road-
knowing it was still a long walk to our car.

Finally getting to our car-
buckling ellie inside.
and then myself-
a boy appeared at the side of my door holding my two pumpkins that I had thrown.

His mother was in the car smiling and waving-
I knew she had been there and done this.

I said thanks.
Almost in tears.
And drove home.

Ellie fell asleep in the car.
And we both pretended like that morning never happened.

I told the mr I am scared at ever going there again.
But I am sure next year-
we will try try again.

General Conference weekend

General Conference weekend consisted of ACAI bowls. waffles with syrup. potty training ellie. inspiration. and some serious nap taking.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Another hair cut

A few weeks ago-
we went and visited the Chelsea Hall.
This is Ellie's 3rd time getting her locks chopped at Hair Do.
She gets more nervous- every time.

If I had one wish-
it would be to have Chelsea style my hair every week.

I told the Mr. it was the first time in a long time-
I felt good about my looks.
Being pregnant has this way of making me feel not so hot.
chelsea changed that for a day.

sisters reuniting

Ellie meeting her sister for the first time.
She LOVES her.
Wants to feed her, kiss her, hold her.
I think they were best friends before they came here.
And Ellie has been waiting almost 3 years for her.
Now she has her.

My milk doesn't come in for- forever.
It was a good thing.
Ellie got to help feed her the first morning back home.

Young Women in Excellence

Young Women in Excellence.
We kept it simple this year.
Had it in the chapel- no decor.
Focused it on the Family.
How personal progress helps us in our families.
Because we have been asked to memorize the proclamation.
By our stake president.
My grandma did all the desserts again.
Last year she made cakes.
This year- 50 pies!
When she retires to the other side.
I am positive I won't survive these types of events-
without her.
Since I knew we would have a baby the end of octoberish.
We scheduled YW in Excellence for October 14th.
And since we didn't look at the school calendar when planning.
We put it right in the middle of october break.
A lot were out of town.
But we had a great night with those who were able to come.
These girls will do awesome things with their lives.
Some of His choicest-
saved for the latter days.

Most had gone home by the time I remembered to snap a photo.

ellie's costume choices

Halloween 2015.
The first party we attended ellie didn't want to dress up.
She went in her pjs.

The second halloween party-
Elle went as her favorite person ever... Tinker bell.
Made it home from the hospital.. just in time for her to attend the ward trunk or treat.

Halloween night-
i'll keep you informed.