Sunday, October 4, 2015

Viv turns 3

Vivian turned 3 yesterday.
Her party was filled with ducks, slip n slide, cake, and present opening.
I think the parents enjoyed this party as much as the kids.
Because when it was over- we just wanted to sit underneath the shaded trees and keep talking.
Happy Birthday Vivi.
Ellie is forever grateful for a bosom buddy.

Potty Training

Today we woke up and Ellie girl got a gift.
It was supposed to be for at the end of the day when she had kept her undies dry all day.
But she saw me get it out of the car- and it was over from there.

I heard horror stories about potty training.
And I am sure we have yet to live through the horror-
but so far.
She is rocking it.

We started last Wednesday.
The pee was a struggle.
For the first two days she was like 1 for 10.
Thankfully it was only on our tile- never our carpet.
But the poopy part- she is 100%.
She only goes once a day.
So really that is not much. 
But I did tell my sis...
 if I have to clean poop at this stage of pregnancy-
I am going to put her back into diapers.

Hopefully she won't regress to far once we have the baby.
If so- I will have two in diapers.
If not- say hello to an extra $40 in my monthly budget!!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

This Pregnancy: baby girl #4 (34-35 weeks?)

This pregnancy:
Everything looks good.
They will induce me on November 1st-
unless labs look abnormal.
We go see the doctor every Tuesday and Friday.
Somedays I hate going.
The drive is long-
and I feel bad for Ellie. For having to go with me.
I sit on monitors while they watch contractions and her movements/activity.
I stay on the monitors any where from 30 min to an hour.
Depending on how awesome she is being at the time.
Every Tuesday I have an ultrasound.
Along with a  doctor and nurse visit.
They go over my labs, options, and always remain hopefully optimistic.

Belly close up
I try not to wear too tight of clothing-
for your sake.
And mine.

Other things:
I don't have anxiety each time I go see them-
Like I did at first half of pregnancy.
I think Ellie is going to love having a friend 24/7.
Ty and I talk nightly about having her.
We are excited!
Ty is excited for another stay in the hospital.
Movies, snacks, no work. He loves it!

our collection of baby girl #4.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

the weekend

 Friday: the mr and i went with hintz to see "once i was a beehive."
the hintz came and picked me up since the mr is always in mesa- already working.
we loved the movie.
the mr might have teared up.
i love him.
and his tender heart.
we drove home together.
without ellie.
it was nice.
we stopped by chick-fil-a.
then cold-stone.
got home and took a photo of us.
i need to whiten my teeth.
and wear my retainers.
so i don't have to get braces for the fourth time.
i found myself the perfect person.
to be with.
 ellie spent saturday outside in the water.
or inside on the floor crying.
sometimes i think i am a rock star of a parent.
other times i tell the mr i need parenting classes.
she was an emotional wreck.
glad the mr got home at 6:30.
allowing me to meet up with some friends at kneaders.
we waited over 30 min for a slice of carrot cake.
my good friend joslyn spoke up.
and we both got a free meal.

sunday was the primary program.
i teared up several times.
always do.
ellie stood next to me belting, "armies of helaman."
surely glad that girl loves singing.
we all took a three hour nap after church.
maybe we will all be up till midnight together as well.
what a good weekend.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Cerreta's Candy Tour

This morning we took the girlies to Glendale to tour the famous candy factory.
The first five minutes were awesome. 
Seeing how the chocolate covered pretzels were made by hand from the original owner Mr Cerreta himself.
Getting a white chocolate covered marshmallow was another perk.
But the next 20 minutes of hearing stats on chocolate- were a little bit of a bust.

I still love-
getting out- and exploring.
These days- it is still bloody hot out-
So we stick to buildings that have AC units attached.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pine, AZ

Last weekend...
we decided to take one last vacation before starting into a real routine and schedule.
My grandma's cabin is perfect if you want your every need met.
She cooks for you.
Serves you.
Makes a million desserts for you.
And expects you to play cards til midnight.
I need to take this trip to the mountains more often.

It is weird how we are doing the same exact things as we did last year-
right before we lost our Truly girl.
I remember going to crazy air the Friday before we lost her.
Which we did last week.
And I remember going to the cabin the weekend before we lost her.
So many memories are coming back from last year.
I have relived those days a million times over.
Now in a much healthier state of mind.

We will celebrate Truly's one year-
in a week!

Time goes quickly.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cabin Trip to Show low. July 16th-19th.

Two weekends ago-
Ty's parents rented a cabin up in Showlow for the week.
Elles and I drove up Thursday.
The mr drove up Friday night after work.
We ate good.
Played volleyball.
Took naps.
Went on walks.
And watched Ellie get excited about building fires.
It was a nice change of scenery from the Cali trip we normally do.