Tuesday, May 19, 2015

More pics of the PR trip

I hate when I get so far behind in documenting my life.
But every time I get pregnant- it happens.

Looking at all these pictures- reminds me. just. how. awesome. puerto. rico. is.

The rest of the trip went something like this:
1. hike to El Yunque rain forest.
swimming in the waterfall.
it was cold- so worth it.
2. ben and Jerry's in San Juan.
3. a night stay in Culebra.
my favorite island of any.
The Mr loved it- and someday we will go back!
snorkeling with the Mr.
boogie boarded all day with the Mr (favorite day of the trip)
drank pina coladas on the beach.
golf carted culebra.
4. Torro Verde Zip line.
we have zip lined in costa rica.
i think it is cool- but not the coolest.
in fact- i wouldn't mind not ever going again.
except for the super man zip line-
i would do that a hundred times over. and just that.
it was a mile long- and completely awesome.

such a good trip.
it was so nice to get away and love on just my husband.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Puerto Rico: Day #2

Drove 2 hours to a surfing beach- called Rincon.
When we got swell. Which means no waves.
That didn't stop the Mr from being in the water all day.
Read on the beach. 
Went on a walk.
Found a cool restaurant on the beach.
Tyson picked a coconut from a tree.
Then drank it.
Ate a $5 hamburger for dinner.
That was only worth $1.
Another trip to Krispy Cremes on the way home.
Another good day in Puerto Rico.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Puerto Rico Day #1

December 25th 2015: my parents gave us two round trip plane tickets to Puerto Rico. (along with all of my siblings)

March 9th: packed three suitcases. One for my husband. One for Ellie. And one for myself. Carry ons for the Mr and me. That made all the difference on the flight home. 

March 10th 2015: Landed in PR at 10 pm. 
Drove straight to my sister in laws parents house- where we stayed the week.
Below: The Mr. setting up our beds. 
We got the couch and the blow up mattress. 
It was comfy.
 The next morning: TH and I cruised the neighborhood.

We headed to San Juan around lunch time.
Walked the town. 
Rode the trolley.
Saw the famous cemetery.
And the famous fort.
Ate the tastiest fish tacos ever.
Made sure to take a picture of where it was:
so when we go back- we don't forget.

When we got back- we drove to the beach down the street.
Got rained on.
Laughed my guts out as David tried to get the kayak out of the water all by himself.
That night we drove to Michelle's favorite dinner spot.
Ordered myself a cubano sandwhich.
Reminded me of Lee's Sandwhiches in Tempe.
Krispy Creme donuts for dessert.
They have special PR donuts filled with only cream cheese.
They were amazing.

Ellie Lane: 2 yrs old

your grandparents gave us a trip to Puerto Rico for christmas.
They didn't include you in the trip-
which meant you got to stay with Grandpa and Grandma Huggans for an entire week!
I heard you ate granola bars all day and played your heart out.

Your 2 yr old update:
weight: 25.4 lbs (47%)
height; 35.5 inches (82%)

You are starting to say full sentences.
This helped being around no one except adults for an entire week.
"dad, sit down!" "mom, where you going?" "what you doing" 
That is about all.
We moved to Surprise and your eczema disappeared.
It is now back- and bothering you a lot.
You started crawling out of your bed.
You love to run wild right when we say, "it is time for bed."
You literally start sprinting and running as fast as you can in circles.
You love your baby doll.
You love play dough.
You love to draw with chalk.
You love being outside.
You love chocolate, fruit snacks and anything that is not good for you.
You still eat oatmeal every single morning and many times for dinner.
You are growing up quickly.
Glad I get to have front row seats for it all.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ellie's love for Church

Last Sunday we were early to church.
Like 30 min early.
It back fired big time.
Ellie was done with her cheerios by the time the meeting started-
and was ready to go to nursery about 10 min into the meeting.
We didn't make it past the first talk.
Every week-
we keep trying.
to make it through sacrament meeting.
we have been getting little success.